5 Great New Year’s Resolutions for Parents with ASD Kids!

5 Great New Year’s Resolutions for Parents with ASD Kids!

Time for the (dreaded) New Year’s resolutions. Even if you are not much for resolutions (how long do they last anyway, right?), it is nevertheless a good time to think about ways to, at the very least, improve your lifestyle. This probably applies even more to parents of children with ASD, as they are generally guilty of neglecting themselves while juggling jobs, finances, family, and the special demands required in raising a child with autism. Here are some thoughts and suggestions to think about:


It really is okay to take time to do something you think is selfish – a haircut, a pedicure, a spa treatment… Keep the treat guilt-free; after all, you will be back to being a responsible parent soon. Remember, the healthier, happier, and less tired you are, the better parent you will be.


When is the last time you had a date night with your partner? It does not have to be elaborate – a movie out at night, a walk in the park during the day… Commit to making time for one another this year.

Utilize Local Resources

It takes a village to raise a child, especially one with ASD. Search for local centers that provide education and create fun events designed to accommodate children with autism.

Re-Evaluate Therapies and/or Therapists

Sometimes a change is as good as a holiday. If it looks as if your child is not benefitting from his therapy, perhaps it is time to try something different. ABA therapy (Applied Behavioral Analysis) is the most effective evidence-based treatment for children with autism.

Lighten Up

Do not apologize. Not for yourself. Not for your ASD child. You are both doing the best you can.

Why Dream Big Children’s Center?

Dream Big’s autism services center offers a safe and secure environment for your child. Here, our board-certified behavioral analyst (BCBA) will design an applied behavioral therapy (ABA) program suited to your child’s individual needs. In our creative indoor play center, your child has the unique opportunity to be anything he/she wants to be. Contact us today for more information on our toddler play center.