My name is Cristina and I’m the founder/CEO of Dream Big. Dream Big is a place that has lived in my heart and dreams since I was a child. I have always loved playing, throwing parties and helping children grow.


I grew up helping my mom in her special education infant classroom and always knew that I wanted to work with children with special needs. In 1999, I became a behavior therapist working with children with autism. I fell in love with the field of Applied Behavior Analysis and even more so with the feeling of making a difference in a child’s life. In 2012, I became a mom, and my work became even more meaningful. I had a deeper understanding of how much it meant to be entrusted with the future of a child. I have always loved taking my children to places where they can play, use their imagination, and have fun. I had always dreamt of a place where all children can play together regardless of their abilities, skills, or diagnosis. All of these pieces came together in 2016 to form Dream Big, a unique play center in Monrovia, California. Our Monrovia location has become a place where families gather, friendships are made, and children play and grow. Our autism program provides Applied Behavior Analysis therapy, a critical treatment therapy for children with autism. We have been blessed to see children make huge strides and families who once had little hope, now dreaming big dreams for their child’s future. Children in our Little Star early intervention program can receive their therapy while benefiting from the social environment that Dream Big center provides. We are proud to have expanded our play centers and autism services programs to the Inland Empire area. In March 2019, we opened our Ontario Dream Big Children’s Center. One year later, we opened our third location in Rancho Mirage.