Is ABA Therapy a Good Option For My Child?

Is ABA Therapy a Good Option For My Child?

Whether your child has recently been diagnosed with autism or you’re looking for an early intervention program that can help put them on the right track, you’ve likely heard of ABA therapy. ABA therapy is one of the autism services that Dream Big Children’s Center provides. 

There is a lot of information to consider when dealing with an autism diagnosis and we’re here to help! Below is a guide to ABA therapy to help you determine if it’s a good fit option for your child. 

What Is ABA Therapy? 

Did you know that we all use ABA therapy strategies in our everyday lives? We are all influenced by our environment and we all change our behaviors based on the reinforcement and consequences that our environment provides. 

ABA therapy, or Applied Behavior Analysis, is a science-based method that focuses on honing and improving the skills that can help your child learn, grow, and become more independent.   This therapy will help adjust behaviors that can impact your child’s life at school and at home. At Dream Big, we use play-based therapies as a way to help increase desired behavior and decrease challenging behavior. 

The Benefits

Therapy can be fun! Over the years, ABA therapy and its strategies have changed and improved. Now more than ever, ABA therapy is effective in helping children learn and grow. And, it can help parents learn and grow, too! The strategies that you will learn as a parent will help you feel confident in teaching your child new skills. You might feel better prepared to become more hands-on in your child’s development and progress. This is great news! 

It is also fun and engaging! Kids will gain confidence, new skills, and independence through playing and interacting with a therapist who is there to help!

Is ABA Only for Children With Autism? 

It is primarily used on children with autism. However, ABA can help handle much more than an autism diagnosis. It’s a tool that can treat a wide variety of mental and emotional disorders found in children. 

ABA is so strong because it shapes human behavior. It adapts to each individual child and works to fit their individual needs. All mental or emotional disorders often benefit from ABA therapy. 

ABA therapy assesses, analyzes, and treats excesses or deficits in behavior. It doesn’t matter the age or development level, the science behind it works. 

What Does an ABA Therapist Do?

An ABA therapist’s job is to get to know your child! They’ll work to create a fun and positive learning environment to help your child learn and grow. 

At first, your therapist will spend a lot of time playing with your child to learn what motivators will pair with positive behaviors. The first few sessions will likely be spent getting your child comfortable with the new therapy. 

Therapists will also work to help your child develop new interests to give them a variety of different pairs. This can help your child communicate and engage with their peers. 

The ABA therapist will have a plan developed specifically for your child. The plan will address all of your child’s specific, individualized needs. This plan will be developed by the therapist who knows your child, as well as a BCBA or board-certified behavior analyst. 

Throughout the session, the ABA therapist will track data, including: 

  • Correct and incorrect responses 
  • Frequency and length of behaviors 
  • Prompts that may help motivate your child 

A BCBA will graph the data and analyze your child’s progress. This will let you know if the therapy is working. 

How Long Does ABA Therapy Last?

Every child is unique, and the length of your child’s ABA therapy will reflect this. 

Autism Services and ABA Therapy Near Me

Science has shown that ABA therapy works! If someone you love is dealing with an autism diagnosis, we would love to come alongside you to offer help and support. Reach out to us today!  Dream Big Children’s Center