Play Time Is Critical For Children with Autism

Play Time Is Critical For Children with Autism

Daily playtime is a vital part of the healthy psychosocial development of all children. Autism spectrum disorder (ASD), however, markedly affects how your child plays and socially interacts. So, as a concerned parent, how can you best help your autistic child?

What Is Play? 

Not only is “play” the universal language of childhood, it is also a learning process, which teaches your child to:

  • Interact,
  • Relate to peers, and
  • Establish friendships.

Playing also helps him/her to develop skills vital to the success he/she will achieve in adulthood, such as:

  • Gross and fine motor skills,
  • Language and communication skills,
  • Thinking and problem-solving skills, and
  • Social skills.

Why Teach Children With Autism To Play?

Play is an important part of language and social development, which are vital for your child’s social success. While a child with ASD typically likes playing, he/she usually does so in a highly solitary manner, often with only a few toys or in a repetitive way. This lack of play skills can contribute to social isolation. Teaching children with ASD how to play, allows him/her to:

  • Connect feelings and thoughts with events,
  • Express emotions (develop cause and effect thinking for emotions),
  • Learn to see things from another person’s point of view, and
  • Learn negotiation, collaboration, and cooperation.

Does It Matter? 

Daily play and social activities in childhood significantly influence the child’s wellbeing. Because a child with ASD has trouble with social interaction and communication, his/her likelihood of loneliness is increased and opportunities for social interactions are decreased. The good news is that a board-certified behavioral analyst can design an applied behavioral analysis therapy (ABA) program to help children with autism to learn a variety of functional skills.

Why Dream Big? 

Dream Big Children’s Center is a unique indoor play center in Monrovia, California. We offer individualized ABA therapy sessions designed for your child by a board-certified behavioral therapist, in a positive learning environment, allowing your child a unique opportunity to play in a fun-filled, yet motivational setting. If you are passionate about your child’s development, contact us now for more information on the autism services provided by us.